Jellyfish Editorial

Art books  from Argentina to the world. Enhancing the reader´s imagination and committed to broadcast the creations of young artist.

About Us

Nadia Patrian

store owner


Jellyfish Editorial was created by Nadia Patrian in 2012 motivated by meeting the need for emerging contemporary art books produced in Argentina, thus bridging the gap between young artists and the public eager for new artistic expressions.Jellyfish also distributes artists' books in Argentina and abroad.

Jellyfish is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

We do wholesale sales:

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Distribuidora de libros de artistas.

Desde el año 2022 seleccionamos y distribuimos libros de arte producidos por sus autores, posibilitando la llegada a librerías de Argentina y a clientes particulares en el mundo a través de nuestra tienda online.

Por consultas contactanos vía mail.